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You may buy New World hand-made coins from Smartboost at this page, just choose desired region and realm, choose the number of coins and get into the process.

About our New World Coins:

All New World coins on Smartboost is mined only by hand. A huge team of suppliers and farmers work every day, day and night to replenish our stocks. Team of our miners cover all regions and servers in the New World game, even the lowest populated ones. For security reasons, we try not to keep coins on one character or account, so it happens that coins is delivered by several parts or trades from different characters. We always strive to provide the highest quality service, and our New World coins is no exception!

You will get:

  • Selected number of coins on desired region and server


  • Delivery time usually takes around 1-2 hours at the most popular servers and may take up to a day at the most low populated. Although our team always try to complete delivery in the shortest time frame, the guaranteed delivery time for purchase under 10.000 coins is 1-24 hours. 
  • If the number of purchased coins is more than 10.000, the delivery time might be increased

How it works:

  • Choose desired region, server and choose desired number of coins
  • Proceed to the checkout page and provide nickname of your character for the currency delivery
  • Our manager will сlarify all the details with you in the chat on the site or in the way you specify
  • Assign a coins-trader to fulfill your order
  • Get your coins and enjoy!

Why use Smartboost to buy New World Coins:

  • Cheap prices
  • Quick response from operators
  • Fast delivery
  • Reliable sources of coins
  • Coins on all New World region and servers
  • Accompanying the order at every step


  • Character 1+ level on the New World account

Why buy New World Coins:

The economic and crafting systems are such that throughout the game between the players there will be strong competition for resources, of which an incredibly huge amount is needed. There are only two ways to get resources: to get them yourself, but this will take hours, days or even months of playing. or buy everything for coins from other players. At the auction, you can buy absolutely any resources, consumables, buy food and potions, not waste time grinding and crafting, but immediately buy what you need through a trading post. If you want to leveling craft professions, under no circumstances can you do it quickly without spending coins. Coins are what will incredibly speed up your game progress. A huge number of quests in the game require resources that you can instantly buy, and therefore instantly get a lot of experience for the leveling of your character.

Coins in the New World are the most important resource. The economy of the game is based on buying and selling between players and having enough coins, you can buy the best equipment, jewelry, materials for crafting, potions, as well as houses in each city for fast travel and increasing the storage. The game has a fairly large number of tools and trophies that improve the characteristics of your character, and you can buy all this for coins!

There are many ways to get coins in the New World and our farmers use all of them. The extraction of resources and their sale on a trade post is the most common. Our farmers also use non-stop completing quests, grinding dungeons to extract valuable items, crafting professions, or tracking the economies of different cities to buy and sell items.

With Smartboost, you can always replenish your stocks of New world coins and do not worry about buying one or another item in the game, you can buy all of them. All you have to do is just enjoy the game!

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