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WoW Allied Race Boosting Services

While the prospect of exploring World of Warcraft with a new race is thrilling, every aspect of this vast MMO RPG comes with its challenges. The process to unlock new allied races involves navigating through extensive questlines and, to fully embrace their unique aesthetics, leveling up a new character from scratch—a task many find daunting due to its repetitive nature.

This is precisely why Smartboost offers an effortless solution to accessing allied races. Our method is so straightforward and efficient, it will transform your WoW experience. Our team of seasoned gamers has mastered the most effective strategies for unlocking allied races, ensuring a hassle-free service for you and all our clients.

Choosing our allied races carry service is a logical step towards enhancing your gameplay. Picture managing your gaming time as you see fit, while we handle the progression in your absence. Say goodbye to the grind, the monotony, and the hours of uneventful gameplay. Let us tackle the grind, leaving you to enjoy the rich, vibrant game you love. Simply pick your desired race, and our boosters will handle everything else, seamlessly integrating your new ally into your WoW adventure.

Types of WoW Allied Race Boosts

  • Allied Races Unlock - you will get access to any Allied Race you like and a unique racial transmog set. As soon as the Allied Races were added to the game, they became very popular and in demand among the players, because it is not only an unusual appearance for your character, but also new racial passive and active skills that strengthen your character, some of which are critically needed for certain classes. There are currently ten Allied Races, each with their own unique history, appearance, and highly competitive bonuses. However, unlocking an Allied Race requires completing quest chains from older expansions instead of enjoying the current content. With our WoW Allied Races Boost, you can unlock all races, allowing you to expand your collection with ten new armor skins!
  • Heritage Transmog Armor Sets - will allow you to feel your character in a new way, because in addition to the appearance you will receive unique racial bonus active and passive skills. Heritage armor is a highly detailed transmog cosmetic set available only to characters of the corresponding allied race. Some of these sets even include historical weapons. Buying WoW Heritage Armor Sets Unlock for your allied races will give you a cool unique transmog outfit that will be a great addition to your collection!
  • Alliance Allied Races: Mechagnome, Kul Tiran, Dark Iron Dwarf, Lightforged Draenei, Void Elf.
  • Horde Allied Races: Vulpera, Zandalari Troll, Mag'har Orc, Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren.

WoW Allied Races Mounts for Sale

WoW Allied Races Heritage Armor for Sale

WoW Allied Races Boosting FAQ

WoW allied races were initially introduced towards the close of the Legion expansion and further developed during the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Opting for an allied races boost represents the quickest and simplest method to access new races for your World of Warcraft characters. Through our service, you have the opportunity to select your preferred race and purchase it from our expert carry team, who will efficiently fulfill all the necessary requirements, including special quests and storylines, to unlock it.

What are Allied Races in WoW?

  • The Allied Races are alternate versions of the main races and basically use the skeleton of an existing race, but altered but with an altered appearance. Each Allied Race has its own racial abilities, as well as their own emotions, flirting, jokes, efforts, and so on.

How many Allied Races are there in WoW Dragonflight?

  • There are a total of ten Allied Races in WoW - five for the Alliance and five for the Horde, with more likely to be added in the future.

How to unlock Allied Races in WoW?

  • To create an Allied Race character, you must first unlock the desired allied race by completing the achievement and the corresponding quest chain.
  • Quest lines to unlock allied races from Legion require level 45+, while allied races from the BFA expansion require level 50+.

Can you unlock all Allied Races on one character in WoW?

  • No, you need to unlock the race on the character corresponding to the faction of the allied race you want to unlock, you simply cannot take the quest to unlock the desired race for the opposite faction.

Where do Allied Races start in WoW?

  • Allied Race Start Zone Portals can be found in front of the Stormwind Embassy or Orgrimmar Embassy, and are only visible to certain Allied Races.

Can I buy WoW Allied Races Unlocking

  • Our WoW Unlock Allied Race service is the fastest and easiest way to unlock characters with a new look.
  • You can choose the allied race you like and buy it on Smartboost and our boosters will take all the necessary steps to unlock it by completing special quests and storylines.

How long does it take to unlock WoW Allied Race?

  • Considering the length of the quest lines, it will take around 2-8 hours to unlock a race from scratch.
  • However, it can take much longer if you need to level up your character to start the recruitment quest.

Are Allied Races account wide in WoW?

  • Yes, after unlocking the desired Allied Race, you can create a new character of this race in any game world.

What is Heritage Armor in WoW?

  • Heritage Armor set is a cosmetic armor set available for every Allied Race and some Main Races. Each set has a special unlock questline, and once received, it can be transmogrified by any character of that particular race.

How do you get Heritage Allied Race Armor set WoW?

  • To get the Heritage Armor transmog set, you must level your Allied Race character to level 50 and complete the Heritage quest.

Can you unlock all Heritage Armor sets on one character in WoW?

  • No, in order to open each Heritage Armor, you need to create a character of this particular race.
  • Thus, in order to open all Heritage Armor Sets, you need ten characters different of each allied race.

Can any race use Heritage Armor WoW?

  • Once you unlock the Heritage Armor set, this armor can be used on any character of that race on your account.
  • Other races cannot use this armor.

Can you buy Heritage Armor set WoW?

  • Yes, our WoW Heritage Armor boost service is the fastest and easiest way to unlock desired new look.
  • You can choose the Heritage Armor you like and buy it on Smartboost and our boosters will take all the necessary steps to unlock it by completing special quests and storylines.

How long does it take to unlock Heritage Armor set in WoW?

  • Considering time of character boost to max level, unlocking the Heritage transmog from scratch will take around 24-48 hours.

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