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Buy WoW Character Boosting service to improve your gameplay experience!
Avoid boring questing, reputation or currency farming.
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WoW Character Boosting Services

Character Boosting in WoW is a variety of character development services, of which there are a huge variety, such as powerleveling, earning reputations and gold, farming certain items, completing quests, obtaining achievements, leveling professions, and much more.

World of Warcraft has always been about exploring this wonderful game universe and achieving different game goals, and of course it's all about having fun! Сompleting various challenges, whether it be dungeons or raids, fighting other players or developing additional skills, makes WoW interesting, and that is why millions of players continue to play it. However, the path to the set goals is often blocked by a long and boring grind. Sometimes, it seems simply amazing how many different activities there are in the game. 

The Smartboost team values ​​your time first and foremost, which is why we have a team of boosters who know the best ways to farm and grind quickly and efficiently! Our Character Boosting services will improve your gaming experience and make your game more fun. It's time to leave the boring routine to us, and to participate only in the most interesting!

Types of WoW Character Boosts for Sale

  • Questing Services - completion of any Storylines, Quest chains, Dailies and World quests. Forget about this boring and monotonous farming with repeating the same thing dozens and hundreds of times. Order our WoW Questing Boost and we will help you get quest rewards for any content in the game
  • WoW Gear Boost - you will receive any desired iLvl gear for your character, which will allow you to feel comfortable in any game activity. Gearing your character is a very important and not an easy part of the game, because wherever you want to go in the current content, you will face the fact that you will be required to have an up-to-date equipped character. Our WoW Gearing services are a great choice for doing only the most interesting things in the game, without wasting time on the preparatory process.
  • Allied Races Unlock - you will get access to any Allied Race you like and a unique racial transmog set. As soon as the Allied Races were added to the game, they became very popular and in demand among the players, because it is not only an unusual appearance for your character, but also new racial passive and active skills that strengthen your character, some of which are critically needed for certain classes. There are currently ten Allied Races, each with their own unique history, appearance, and highly competitive bonuses. However, unlocking an Allied Race requires completing quest chains from older expansions instead of enjoying the current content. With our WoW Allied Races Boost, you can unlock all races, allowing you to expand your collection with ten new armor skins!
  • Flying Unlock - fly in any location of the game, instead of spending time running around the map. In almost every WoW expansion, flights must be unlocked by completing various achievements tied to that expansion's storylines, and even after a lot of time has passed, in some WoW expansions such as Legion, BFA, Shadowlands, flights take several weeks to complete a series of obsolete quests to unlock. Our WoW Flying Boost service is a great choice to save time on moving to any location in the game!
  • Farming services - avoid this most boring part of the game and get everything you need as soon as possible! Farming is a tedious process of doing the same type of activities multiple times, but you can't do without it in the game. A huge number of activities in WoW are tied to daily farming, without which you simply will not have access to relevant in-game benefits. To keep their characters up to date, neither PvE nor PvP players can do without daily and weekly farming. And this means that in order to meet the requirements of other players, you need to spend 10-12 hours of your life every week on this routine. Using our WoW Farming services, you will get everything you need for the current game and save your personal time.
  • Hourly Character Driving - this is a unique service from Smartboost for performing absolutely any action in the game, with an hourly payment. You get a personal driver for your character who will play it like his own and complete any task you set. If you don't know exactly how many resources you need, or you want your character to farm while you are sleeping, working or studying, then our WoW Hourly Character Driving service is what you need! Just order the number of hours, and tell what to do - and your personal booster will do any routine work while you are relaxing!
  • Reputation Boost - raise reputation with any faction to Exalted and get top faction rewards such as mounts, pets, toys, armor sets, tabards, transmogs, cosmetic items and more offered by reputation vendors. Farming reputations, patch by patch, remains a huge part of World of Warcraft's content. In addition to the fact that there are already hundreds of factions in the game, the rewards of which become available only when they reach a certain level of their trust in you, each new WoW expansion adds new factions with cool rewards that are relevant to current content, as well as reputations that are tied to game history and unlocking relevant content. Raising reputation with some factions is a real long challenge, sometimes requiring more than one month of completing a lof of daily or world quests. Our WoW Reputation Boost service is a great choice if you're interested in the end result and getting all the benefits of trusting WoW factions.
  • Profession Boost - avoid learning process and unlock all benefits from your additional skills. Professions are an essential part of the game and each profession has its own advantages, because almost all of them will bring you additional bonuses and the opportunity to get rich in WoW Dragonflight. Some professions may be mandatory for PvE-players who want to increase their effectiveness during raids and dungeons, while others will be important for PvP-players. Leveling a profession in WoW is often not an easy task even for experienced players. Leveling professions takes days or even weeks, with insane gold costs or long resource farming. If you want to maximun the level of Crafting, Gathering, and Secondary Professions and get all bonuses from your skill, the easiest and fastest way to do this is to buy WoW Professions Boost on Smartboost and our experienced players will help you get any profession you want!
  • Timewalking - this is a unique opportunity to return to past WoW expansions and complete old raids and dungeons scaled for current content, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in those historical times of the game and fully enjoy past gaming activities. In addition, our Timewalking services will allow you to collect unique loot from both TW Dungeons and TW Raids to expand your collection with exclusive items.

Why Buy WoW Character Boosting

Gearing and improving your character is a basic and far from easy part of the game. In order to invite you to various types of activities, most LFG group leaders require you to have overly high iLvl gear. But what about the players with new characters? They have to spend weeks, even months, farming gear levels, or spend time only on random battlegrounds and low-level dungeons in the hope of someday getting approved for acceptance into a strong group.

Smartboost understands the importance of character development speed in WoW, which is why we have assembled a team of very strong PvE and PvP players to perform Boosting services. We are always happy to help save your time. Our Character Boosting Services are the perfect way to spend less time and get the most out of your game and combine your game with real life. By purchasing our high-quality and fast character boost, you get the following benefits:

  • Level up your character, increase iLvl gear, earn reputations or farm game resources while spending your time doing more useful things.
  • Keep up with the top PvP- and PvE-players without wasting a minute of your own time.
  • You get the opportunity to fly in different locations of the game without losing two weeks of your personal life.
  • Enjoy playing as several different classes without having to spend time leveling them up to max level.
  • Dominate ranked arenas and battlegrounds with powerful PvP gear.
  • Get rewards for achievements and Feat of Strength without any effort.
  • Get more pleasure from the game, spending time only with your favorite content.

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