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World of Warcraft Shadowlands introduces a whole new set of achievements for players to unlock. There are achievements for completing quests, exploring the new zones, defeating bosses in dungeons and raids, and much more. With the new Covenant system, players can also unlock Covenant-specific achievements by joining one of the four factions.

Shadowlands achievements not only offer a sense of accomplishment and bragging rights, but also provide rewards such as mounts, pets, and titles. Some achievements are also required for obtaining flying in the new zones.

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How many Achievements are there in Shadowlands?

  • There are a total of 1,143 Achievements available in Shadowlands, including those that can be earned in dungeons, raids, and outdoor zones. Completing these achievements can earn players rewards such as mounts, pets, transmog gear, and titles. Some of the achievements are more difficult to obtain than others and require a lot of time and effort. It's worth noting that the number of achievements available may change with future patches and expansions.

What are the rewards for completing Shadowlands Achievements?

  • Completing achievements in WoW Shadowlands can offer several rewards, including achievement points, unique titles, rare mounts, cosmetic rewards, and more. The rewards for each achievement can vary and are often tied to the specific requirements of the achievement. Players who enjoy collecting rare rewards in WoW often prioritize completing achievements, as they offer a way to show off their accomplishments and stand out from other players. Some achievements may also unlock new content or provide an advantage in gameplay, making them even more valuable to players.

How do I track my Shadowlands Achievements progress?

  • You can track your Shadowlands Achievements progress by opening your in-game Achievements window and selecting the "Shadowlands" category. This will display all the achievements available in the expansion and show your progress toward completing each one. You can also use third-party addons or websites that offer achievement tracking and management features to keep track of your progress outside of the game.

What are some easy Achievements to get in Shadowlands?

  • Aerial Ace - fly through a ring using a soaring spell in Bastion.
  • The Master of Revendreth - use the mirror to transform into different characters in Revendreth.
  • The Accuser's Avowed - complete various quests and defeat enemies in Maldraxxus.
  • Crypt Couture - purchase and equip a Gorm Eviscerator costume from the auction house and then dance with another player wearing the same costume.
  • Twisting Corridors: Layer 1 - complete layer 1 of the Twisting Corridors in Torghast.

How do I unlock Shadowlands Achievements?

  • In order to unlock achievements in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, you need to complete the specific criteria required for that achievement. Some achievements require you to complete a certain number of quests, reach a specific level, or obtain specific items. To track your progress towards an achievement, open the achievements tab in your character menu and select the specific achievement you want to track. Some achievements also require you to be part of a group, so you may need to team up with other players to unlock certain achievements.

What is the purpose of Shadowlands Achievements?

  • The purpose of Shadowlands Achievements is to provide players with a sense of accomplishment for completing various tasks and objectives in the game. Achievements can range from simple tasks like killing a certain number of enemies to completing difficult quests or defeating challenging bosses. Players can show off their achievements to other players and earn rewards such as titles, mounts, and cosmetic items. Additionally, some achievements can be used to track progress towards larger goals such as unlocking flying or accessing certain areas of the game.

Can I get Shadowlands Achievements in a group?

  • Yes, you can get many Shadowlands Achievements in a group. Some achievements require a group, while others can be completed solo. However, some achievements may be more difficult to complete in a group, such as achievements that require specific roles or mechanics to be completed a certain way. It is important to communicate with your group and plan accordingly to successfully complete group achievements.

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