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WoW Raid Guide and FAQ:

Raids remain one of the most captivating PvE experiences in World of Warcraft. Ever since classic WoW, raids have been the focal point for PvE enthusiasts, offering players the opportunity to band together in large groups to tackle the game's most challenging foes and earn impressive rewards based on the raid's difficulty level. Dragonflight raids feature unique new mechanics that make boss battles even more thrilling. However, WoW raids require a minimum of 10-20 players to complete, making it difficult to progress to the higher difficulties of raid content. Raids not only offer the highest tier gear in the game, but also provide players with the chance to earn unique pets, mounts, titles, and prestigious achievements that showcase their experience in the game.

Successful completion of a raid requires the coordinated efforts of all players in the group. While attempting a raid with random groups is possible, there is no guarantee of success due to the lack of teamwork. To successfully complete a raid, especially at the mythic difficulty level, finding a good and experienced guild is recommended. However, if you want to save time, Smartboost offers raid completion services for any difficulty level and can complete any Raid in just a few hours.

What is a WoW Raid and how does it work in Dragonflight expansion?

  • Raids are group PvE content designed as activities for people whose characters have reached the maximum level. As the game does not permit further increase of skills, or introduce new abilities, the only avenues remaining to enhance a character lay in better gear and other rewards only found in raid instances.

What is the WoW Raid Boost in Dragonflight expansion?

  • WoW Raid Boost in Dragonflight expansion is a service that allows players to hire a team of experienced players to complete a raid on their behalf. This service is especially useful for those who do not have the time or resources to devote to raiding or who are unable to find a group to complete the raid with. The Raid Boost team will typically include highly skilled players who can help players to complete the raid on any difficulty level, obtain gear, achievements, and other rewards. This service is available for all the raids in the WoW Dragonflight expansion.

What is Vault of the Incarnates in WoW? 

  • The first raid of WoW Dragonflight Season One is Vault of the Incarnates. Featuring 8 bosses, it presents a strong challenge for all PvE players as the first raid of the expansion. This raid allows players to equip their characters with gear up to 424 iLvl from Mythic difficulty, earn powerful set bonuses from Class Tier Sets, and achieve various Feats of Strength raid achievements with great rewards such as Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge.

What is the Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible in WoW?

  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, is a formidable 9-boss raid in the Dragonflight expansion (patch 10.1.0). It is situated deep beneath the Obsidian Citadel in the Zaralek Cavern, where Neltharion created his most terrifying creations, including the dracthyr. The raid provides high ilvl gear, tier set pieces for all classes, and other valuable rewards. Completing the Aberrus raid alone or with PuGs can be challenging, particularly on Mythic difficulty, but our AtSC raid boost service provides a convenient solution. Our team of experts offers daily runs at multiple time slots, enabling you to acquire the best PvE gear, including the coveted class tier sets, with iLvl up to 450 in Dragonflight 10.1.

What is the difference between raids and dungeons WoW?

  • In World of Warcraft, raids and dungeons are both types of PvE content, but there are some key differences between the two. Dungeons are smaller instances designed for groups of 5 players, while raids are larger instances designed for groups of 10-30 players. Raids typically have more challenging mechanics and boss fights, and require more coordination and teamwork to complete. Raids also offer better rewards, including higher item level gear and unique mounts and achievements. Dungeons are generally easier and can be completed more quickly, making them a good way to gear up before attempting raids.

How long does it take to complete a WoW raid in Dragonflight?

  • The completion time of the raid depends on several factors, such as the balance between tanks, healers and DPS dealers in the raid group, the teamwork of the players, the knowledge of mechanics and tactics, the ability to quickly respond to a changing situation, and much more. Usually raids of normal and heroic difficulty take up to 2 hours, but raids of mythic difficulty can take up to 4-6 hours.

What are the difficulties of the WoW Dragonflight raid?

  • Raid Finder, known as LFR, is the easiest, lowest loot, uninteresting, and auto-formed through matchmaking.
  • Normal mode - takes time to form a group, basic knowledge of tactics and loot level comparable to low-level Mythic+ dungeons.
  • Heroic mode - requires a good raid leader and time to form a group of well-equipped players who know raid tactics and mechanics.
  • Mythic mode - the most difficult level of the raid, requiring high group leadership skills from the raid leader and players with very high iLvl gear, perfectly performing mechanics and tactics on each boss.

Can you run Heroic and Mythic raids in the same week?

  • Yes, you can run Normal, Heroic and Mythic raid difficulties in the same week because they have separate weekly cooldowns.

What rewards can I get from a WoW Raid Boost in Dragonflight?

There are various rewards that you can get from a WoW Raid Boost in Dragonflight expansion. The rewards include high tier gear, unique pets and mounts, titles, prestigious achievements, and set bonuses from Class Tier Sets. The gear obtained from raid boosts can be up to Mythic difficulty, and the rewards improve as you progress through the different difficulty levels of the raids. Additionally, completing a raid on a higher difficulty level can earn you special achievements such as Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge.

How does WoW Raid loot work in Dragonflight?

  • Group loot run - is a cheap option for those who are interested in completing the raid itself, obtaining achievements related to killing bosses, conduits, recipes for legendaries, or completing raid quests. With a Group loot run, you will role drop items with other players in the raid group, so most likely you will still get some raid items.
  • VIP loot run - you will receive all dropped items suitable for your class spec, because all other players in the raid will refuse loot suitable for your class spec during the roll.
  • Full Priority Run - is the quickest way to gear up your character in WoW Dragonflight. With this method, you will have the entire raid group to yourself, ensuring that you receive all suitable loot such as armor, tier set tokens, non-set gear, trinkets, and weapons with no limitations.
  • Guaranteed number of items - this one is always attached to the completion of the Mythic Raid run and depends on how many bosses you want to kill and guarantees that you will receive at least the stated number of raid items. The raid group will contain the required number of loot-traders to guarantee the number of items. 

How does Raid Group Loot work in Dragonflight?

  • Group Loot is a loot distribution system in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion that distributes loot drops among all eligible players in a raid group. When a boss is defeated, items will appear in the loot window, with a choice of one of four options: Need, Off spec, Greed, and Pass. Main spec takes priority, then Off spec, and only then greed. If more than one player is interested in the same item, a roll determines who receives it. Group Loot is the default loot distribution method in WoW Dragonflight raids.

Can there be personal loot in Dragonflight raids?

  • There is no option to select Personal Loot but some items, like professions reagents may still use Personal Loot system where appropriate.

Can I take all the loot in the group distribution system in WoW Dragonflight?

  • No, in the group loot system you will have access to roll only items suitable for your class.

Can I pick up two identical items in a group loot in Dragonflight?

  • No you won’t be able to win multiples of the same item, for example, that two sets of legs drop. While you can roll "Need" on both of them, winning one will remove your roll from the other.

Can I get a raid item that I already own in Dragonflight?

  • Only if the dropped item has a Tertiary stat or Socket, that roll would be possible, because those are upgrades.

Is it possible to share items received by the roll in WoW Dragonflight?

  • After winning the roll, items remain fully tradeable without restrictions to any player that was eligible as a looter.

Can I get loot from bosses I've already killed during this cooldown in WoW Dragonflight?

  • No, players who have already killed Boss in same difficulty for the week can’t have loot traded to them, because the need/greed pane won’t appear for that player.

How often can you do raids in WoW Dragonflight?

  • You can complete Normal or Heroic raid run on same difficulty as many times as you like if you join someone else's instance of the raid, but you can only loot each boss once per week per difficulty.
  • The Mythic difficulty raid has a weekly cooldown on a raid instance you have already started this week, meaning that if you enter a mythic raid and kill at least one boss, you will only be able to raid with the same party this week.

How do I order a WoW Raid Boost?

  • Choose your desired raid: Smartboost offers raid boost services for various raids and any difficulties.
  • Select your boost options: After choosing your desired raid, select the boost options that meet your needs.
  • Customize your order: Customize your order by choosing specific additional options.
  • Place your order: After customizing your order, place it by following the prompts on the website.
  • Wait for confirmation: Once you've placed your order, wait for confirmation from Smartboost. We'll send you an email or message confirming your order and providing you with further instructions.

Can I choose the difficulty of the raid for my boost in Dragonflight?

  • Yes, you can choose the difficulty of the raid for your boost in Dragonflight. Smartboost offers raid boost services for various difficulty levels, including Normal, Heroic and Mythic. When ordering a raid boost, you can select the difficulty level that meets your needs.
  • However, the difficulty level you choose may affect the price of the boost, as more difficult raids require more time and effort from the boost team. Therefore, you should consider your budget and goals when selecting the difficulty level for your boost.
  • Additionally, keep in mind that the difficulty level you choose will also affect the rewards you receive from the raid. Higher difficulty levels offer better rewards, such as higher item levels and more loot drops. Therefore, you should choose a difficulty level that not only meets your skill level but also offers the rewards you desire.

Can I order a WoW Raid Boost in Dragonflight for a specific time and date?

  • Yes, you can usually order a WoW Raid Boost in Dragonflight for a specific time and date.
  • When scheduling your boost, you can choose a date and time that is convenient for you.
  • However, keep in mind that the availability of scheduling options may depend on the availability of the boost team. If the boost team is not available at the time and date you request, you may need to choose another time or date.

What can I get from the WoW Raid Boost in Dragonflight?

  • WoW Normal Raid Boost - is a good and cheap option for those who want to see a raid and get enough experience in it, as well as get a starting raid gear to make it easier to complete more difficult raids.
  • WoW Heroic Raid Boost - is the most requested raid service, ideal for fresh characters to quickly increase their gear, and for players who want to equip their character well to get into the best raid guilds and get a lot of experience, and as a confirmation of this achievement Ahead of the Curve.
  • WoW Mythic Raid Boost - is the service that has the highest profit, in addition to the fact that you will get the highest level item loot in the game, you will receive a unique prestigious title and achievements for completing the raid on the highest difficulty, including Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge, a huge amount of raid experience and you will be able to see with your own eyes how professional players complete the raid.
  • WoW Raid Full Gear - this service is great for those who want to fully equip their character in a high iLvl Gear without wasting time on the same content every week. Full Raid Gear carry guarantees you an item from the raid of the selected difficulty in each slot, which immediately after the completion of the service will give you a fully equipped character for any game content.
  • WoW Single Bosses Kill - is an inexpensive service that is ideal for you if you only want to kill certain bosses, for example, to get a specific item, mount or achievement.
  • The Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge Boost - are Feat of Strength achievements for killing the last and hardest bosses in the Heroic and Mythic raids in the current season, and therefore in the current gear, without additional benefits that confirm that you have enough experience in the data raids and which players use as proof of experience in raids. It is the presence of these achievements that will always allow you to get into the best groups without wasting hours searching.
  • Raid Glories Boost - having these meta-achievements, consisting of a huge number of different challenges, shows other players your high ability to play in a team, and is also often rewarded with beautiful mounts.

Why buy WoW raid boost?

  • Time-saving: WoW raid boost services save players a significant amount of time by allowing them to skip the grind and focus on the more challenging aspects of the game. This benefit is likely to be popular among players who are short on time or those who want to quickly level up their characters.
  • Improved gaming experience: Raid boost services can improve a player's overall gaming experience by providing them with access to high-level gear, loot, and rewards. These benefits can significantly enhance a player's performance in raids, dungeons, and other game modes.
  • Expert guidance: WoW raid boost services are typically offered by experienced and skilled players who know the game inside out. This benefit is likely to appeal to players who are new to the game or those who want to learn new strategies and techniques to improve their gameplay.
  • Access to exclusive content: WoW raid boost services often provide players with access to exclusive content that is otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain. This benefit is likely to be popular among players who are interested in exploring the game's full range of content.
  • Increased social status: Raid boost services can also help players increase their social status within the WoW community. This benefit is likely to be popular among players who want to stand out from the crowd or gain recognition for their achievements in the game.

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