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WoW Collection Boosting Service

Collections in World of Warcraft is a vast in-game world of Cosmetics, Toys, Mounts, Pets, and Appearances and more to please your eyes. In this section, each player will be able to find a collectible hobby to his taste! Here you can collect not only various visual effects for your character, but also very useful items, such as toys with which you can get into the most inaccessible places, or a pocket mailbox and repairs, as well as mounts, which are not only very beautiful, but also increase your movement speed and even fly!

  • No matter how powerful your character is, but his appearance and style is very important, because when the picture pleases the eye, then it becomes much more pleasant to play! On Smartboost you can buy almost any set or part of a set from the game and dress up your character the way you've always dreamed of.
  • Mounts are just a separate path in the WoW game world, thousands of players collect these animals, robots, machines and similar creatures that not only help the game process, but also show other players what challenges you have passed. A huge number of players are interested in this particular collecting, and when they see you on a rare mount, everyone immediately understands the level of your game and what challenges you have overcome.
  • Hunters are even more lucky, because they have the ability to collect pets that are inaccessible to other classes, which hunters from all over the WoW world are happy to get carried away with, because in addition to the fact that you will be accompanied by rare and very beautiful animals, all families of animals have their own unique skills that help in combat with your enemies.
  • Battle pets are designed to be played within the game. In addition to the fact that they can simply run around like a cute domestic creature, there is a whole game world for them separately, including battles in arenas, dungeons, quests and other activities, so this hobby will not only be a simple collection, but will also allow you to see a huge additional aspect of the WoW game.

What are Mounts in WoW?

  • Mounts in WoW are a type of transport that players use to move around the world faster.
  • These can be accessed through the Mounts and Pets Atlas.

What Mounts are there in WoW?

  • There are over 900 different mounts in the game. In addition to mounts united in one family and differing only in coloring, there are completely unique models that exist in one copy.
  • Mounts can be animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, robots, and even various magical items such as a carpet plane or a flying disk.

Which mount is the most useful in WoW?

How do you get Mounts in WoW?

  • The passion for collecting mounts has won the hearts of many players and therefore new and new mount models are constantly added to the game. The methods of obtaining them are also becoming more diverse, if at the very beginning you could only buy mounts from vendors or get them for completing quests, now a huge number of sources for obtaining mounts have been added to WoW. We can safely say that there are no activities in the game that do not have at least one reward in the form of a mount, because even if you just kill mobs in the open world, there is a chance to get several types of very rare mounts.

What is Transmog in WoW?

  • The transmogrification feature is the ability to change the appearance of your armor and weapons to the appearance of other items, or to hide certain parts of the armor. Each character has a journal where all the appearances of armor are recorded that have ever been worn by the character. In almost every city there is a special NPC from which you can view all available transmogrifications for any item, as well as entire sets of appearances.
  • Transmogrification emphasizes your uniqueness, and given the number of different skins for each item, you can create your own unique look that no one else has ever had.

How many Transmog sets are there in WoW?

There are so many transmogrifications in WoW that it's impossible to count them. For convenience, a separate WoW Transmog Set Database and WoW Dressing Room were created, where using filters you can see the appearance of any item, as well as see how the final combination of armor on your character will look. In general, transmogrifications can be divided into the following groups:

  • Classic World Set - BoE and crafted items from vanilla and TBC.
  • Dungeon Sets - all gear associated with 5-ppl dungeons.
  • Events - all armor associated with all in-game events and include the Blessed Undead sets from the Naxxramas Invasions.
  • PvP Sets - all armor associated with every PvP Season.
  • Raid Sets - all gear primarily associated with raids, even if some items now have multiple sources.
  • Questing Sets - quest sets split up by 1-7070-8080-85, and 90.

What is the rarest Transmog in WoW?

How do you get Transmog sets in WoW?

  • To get a full armor transmog set, you need to get each piece of this transmog, and only after that this appearance will be recorded in the journal as a set, which will allow you to change the appearance of your character in one click.

What are Hunter Pets in WoW?

  • These are essential helpers for hunters. The game tactics of some hunter specializations such as Beast Mastery and Survival are critically tied to Combat pets. Hunter pets are companions that you can fully or partially control to help you in combat.

What Hunter Pets are there in WoW?

  • There are 23 pet families available for hunters to tame in the game. They have no difference in DPS between any pets. However, there is a competitive difference because some pet families have an additional family ability, such as some exotic pets can heal their owner, or can stun an enemy, and some can remove positive effects from enemies and negative effects from the owner.
  • These additional skills have a very large impact in combat and are very useful.

What is the best pet for Hunter in WoW?

There is no single answer to this question, because you choose a pet that suits your play style and appearance. However, you can still make a list of the rarest and sought-after hunter pets:

How do you get Hunter Pets in WoW?

  • Starting at level 5, all hunters can tame their first quest pet.
  • And Allied Race characters immediately start the game at level 10 with a racial pet.

What are Battle Pets in WoW?

  • Battle Pets are friendly companions that can be combat and participate in in-game pet battle or pet related activities, as well as only cosmetic ones that cannot participate in battles. No matter what kind of pet, you can summon him and he will accompany you in the world of WoW as a small and faithful friend.

What Battle Pets are there in WoW?

There are 10 pet families and each pet family has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as a passive bonus. When assembling a group of ptoms before the battles, it is necessary to take into account all their features for a better result:

  • Aquatics - harmful damage over time effects are reduced by 50% on Aquatic pets.
  • Beasts - deal 25% extra damage below half health.
  • Critters - are immune to roots, stuns, and sleep effects.
  • Dragonkins - deal 50% additional damage on the next round after bringing a target's health below 50%.
  • Elementals - ignore negative weather effects.
  • Flying creatures - gain 50% extra speed while above 50% health.
  • Humanoids - recover 4% of their maximum health if they dealt damage this round.
  • Magic pets - cannot be dealt more than 35% of their maximum health in one attack.
  • Mechanical pets - come back to life once per battle, returning to 20% health.
  • Undeads - return to life immortal for one round when killed.

What are top Battle Pets in WoW?

How do you get Battle Pets in WoW?

These tiny WoW companions differ in the source you can get them from:

  • Drop in raid and dungeon instances.
  • Drop from rare and elite mobs.
  • Professions and Reputations.
  • Achievemens and Treasures.
  • Covenants, Garrison etc.
  • Quests and Campaigns.

There are many other sources for getting battle pets that also include PvP activities or randomly dropped pets. To participate in activities for pets, it is necessary not only to get a suitable combat companion, but also to level up it to the maximum level. If you want to get serious about pet battles and get high at it, you'll need a wide variety of battle pets with different skills and races. On Smartboost you can buy the rarest pets and even if you don't find them in the list, you can always talk to our support manager in live-chat and request any battle companion you want

What are Toys in WoW?

  • A toy is a unique ability that has some kind of fun function, often allowing you to trigger some kind of animation action, for example, changing the animation of your heartstone, or changing the emotions of your character, it can also be fireworks, various changes in your appearance or the appearance of weapons . But there are also very useful toys, such as Katy's Stampwhistle portable mailbox, which will allow you to receive mail anywhere in the WoW world, or an additional teleport to various locations, such as the Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands. To get the most interesting and useful toys, you need to do something significant, and often very difficult.

What toys are there in WoW?

With each new expansion of WoW, the number of toys increases, and although most of them have the function of simply decorating or animation entertainment, such as fireworks, character customization, lighting effects, or the ability to play with a friend, some of them can be very useful and make the gameplay easier:

  • WoW Mail toys.
  • WoW Transmog toys.
  • WoW PvP toys.
  • WoW Extra teleport toys.

What are the most useful toys in WoW?

How do you get toys in WoW?

Some of the toys can be purchased from various vendors, such as reputable ones, while others are obtained from more sophisticated sources. There are a huge number of sources for obtaining toys, in almost any gaming activity there are appropriate toys:

  • Achievements and Treasures.
  • Instance and World drop.
  • Quests and Campaigns.
  • Vendors and Warfronts.
  • World events and Class-specific quests.
  • Reputations and Professions.
  • Black Market  AH and unobtainable toys.

How can I expand my WoW Collection?

  • Mounts - here you will find any of the most beautiful, specific or scarce mounts! These can be mounts from absolutely all activities in the game, even those with a drop rate of less than 1%, or mounts that are no longer available for obtaining in the game, but still remained on BMAH or in TCG codes. Buy WoW Mounts and save your game time for more rewarding activities or just enjoy the reward. Some mounts are so hard to get that players don't even dream that this mount will ever be in their collection. But luckily, you have Smartboost and we can help you add any mount you like directly to your epic collection!
  • Transmogrifications - create the most beautiful and unique looks for your character. Thanks to Smartboost, you have no restrictions on this, except for the type of armor and weapons available to your class. Buy WoW Transmogs and turn your most daring and stylish ideas into reality, from creating images of your favorite characters from movies, comics or other games, to your own fantasies. If you want to give your character a unique look and not spend time farming raids and dungeons hoping to get the right item, then our Transmog Boost service is the right choice for you!
  • Hunter Pets - are what makes each hunter unique, from being able to show off the rarest combat companions to using the unique abilities of each individual animal family. Every hunter who has an unusual and rare pet is often asked by other players where to get such a fighting friend! In addition, pets have unique skills that will be very useful in various game activities. For example, there are pets that can heal you or lower the combat abilities of opponents, which is very useful in both PvE and PvP. Of course, there are pets that are simply required for this or that content, but they are far from always easy to get! Buy WoW Hunter Pets will not only help you expand your collection, but also get the best hunter pets for any game situation.
  • Battle Pets - with these small and cute creatures you will not only expand your collection and earn the appropriate achievements, but also be able to participate in pet battles, go to dungeons and raids with them, complete special quests, and just run around the world accompanied by them. There are a huge number of sources for obtaining battle pets in the game, and the strongest of them have their own unique combat abilities, but it is quite difficult to get them. Additional activities require you not only to have a certain number of pets in your collection, but also groups consisting of unique and specific animals, without which you will not be able to complete additional game content and receive appropriate rewards. On Smartboost you can buy WoW Battle Pets, even the rarest ones that are extremely hard to get!
  • Toys - here you can get various toys, of which there are more than 300 in WoW. Of course, getting the most useful of them is always not easy, because this requires completing achievements, participating in various game activities, as well as having unique skills. Our WoW Toys boost team is ready to provide you with absolutely any toy you could ever want, from the simplest and most beautiful animations to the very useful ones like portable mail.

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