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Achievements in World of Warcraft are an important part of both the game itself and character development. For completing achievements, you can get rewards in absolutely any direction of the game, such as titles, cosmetics, mounts, toys, access to various activities, and, in general, a lot of everything in the game is tied to completing achievements. Many achievements are quite difficult and tedious, but at the same time they have a good reward that cannot be obtained in any other way. In addition to the usual ones, there are seasonal achievements in the game, the completion of which is limited to the current season and which will be impossible to obtain in the future, such achievements are proudly called Feat of Strength. Such achievements are the hardest to get, but this is due to unique cool rewards that will stay with you forever! Obtaining achievements requires the player, and often even a group of players, not just to complete activities, but to complete various challenges. The first big problem on the way to getting certain achievements is most often finding a group of players who know what to do and are ready to pass this test with you. And the execution itself becomes problematic, because most of the achievements require knowledge of tactics, as well as a clear and well-coordinated team game. This is where Smartboost comes into play and is ready to help you achieve whatever goals you set. By purchasing WoW achievements, you will receive an extra-skilled team of players or a pro driver for your character, which will help you get all the exciting rewards without spending any time or nerves on boring chores

What are achievements in WoW?

  • Achievements are self-contained game goals that offer challenges, satisfy goal-oriented players, and allow others to see your accomplishments in World of Warcraft

How do achievements work in WoW?

  • WoW achievements can be both PvE and PvP, and they themselves are divided into several types
  • Some simply require certain actions to unlock, such as collecting something or defeating a member of each race in the opposite faction in PvP, while others have a progress bar and require you to do something multiple times, or meta-achievements consisting and a bunch of other achievements. Also, almost any WoW content has achievements associated with it
  • All received achievements are displayed in a special game list and are available for viewing not only to you, but also to all other players, and also give Achieve Points, by the number of which you can easily understand your gaming experience

What types of achievements there are in WoW?

There are a huge variety of different types of achievements in World of Warcraft, each of which has its own unique rewards, as well as difficulties in obtaining them:

  • Solo Achievements - these achievements can be completed solo, and, in most cases, to get them you need to collect something, grind mobs, farm reputation, repeat the same action many times, or they can be some kind of challenge, which you have to complete alone
  • Group Achievements - are the type of achievements for which you will definitely need a group, because it is simply impossible to complete these achievements without a group. Depending on the activity in which the achievement is completed, a group of up to 40 people may be required. Such achievements are considered quite difficult, because in order to complete them, each participant must know and understand their role, and act clearly and harmoniously with their team
  • Raid Achievements - are one of the hardest types of achievements, in terms of current content, they will always be group achievements. They require a full raid of skilled players to complete, but even this does not guarantee quick success, because some achievements are so difficult that it will take more than one attempt to complete them. Finding a full group of random players in LFG is almost impossible because no one wants to spend a huge amount of time trying without guarantees of results. And even if lucky and such a group is found, most of them fail. So the choice is not great, because it remains to rely on your friends, the guild, or buy the service of raid achievements from pro boosters, such as Smartboost raid teams
  • Feat of Streght and Seasonal Achievements - in most cases these achievements are limited in time because they can only be obtained before the end of the current season. Most often, obtaining such achievements is associated with the most difficult aspects of game content, such as Mythic+ dungeons of very high difficulty, killing the final boss in the current mythical raid, or getting the highest titles in ranked PvP battles. When the season ends, such achievements become unavailable, as well as receiving rewards for them, which makes them as rare and unique as possible, because no other player will ever be able to get them. Achievement boosting services always remain relevant and a quick way to get all the exclusive seasonal rewards
  • Meta Achievements - consist of several other tasks and achievements, most often from one zone or one specific content, however, there are meta achievements that cover the entire game world as a whole. A good example is the Glory raid achievements, which require the completion of a large number of smaller raid tasks, each of which individually only gives achievement points, while the meta achievement rewards a unique mount. We can say that this is a bunch of achievements, for the completion of which you will receive more achievement points than usual and cooler rewards
  • Scenarios and Campaigns - are achievements that are awarded for completing storylines in various locations. In current content, this type of achievement is often tied to very important nuances for character development, such as access to other more complex activities, flying in locations, the ability to choose talents, and even access to wearing certain powerful items. Sometimes it's generally impossible to play current content without getting certain achievements of this type. Usually the requirement to get these achievements is to complete the lore related quest chain, which is especially time consuming and boring for people who are trying to get to the endgame content.

In any case, each type of achievement has its own unique features and requires the performance of completely different actions, from the simplest to the most complex. There are a huge number of achievements that simply cannot be completed without hours of preparation and a team of experienced players, and this is exactly what Smartboost can help you with!

What are the achievements in WoW?

At the moment, the game has more than 4 thousand achievements, but not all of them can be obtained, however, the developers of World of Warcraft continue to add to expand the list of achievements with each new addition. In the game itself, all achievements are divided into 13 categories, each of which is completely different from the others and has its own unique requirements:

  • Character - this category is focused on tasks performed to develop your character, most often such challenges can be completed solo
  • Quests - this category contains achievements for completing quests and chains of location stories. It is divided into sub-categories for all WoW expansions, and basically, you will be required to complete thousands of different quests to unlock each achievement in this category
  • Exploration - is a category for explorers and those who want to explore every corner of the wonderful world of WoW. Be sure to check it out if you like to enjoy beautiful views and landscapes. Basically, achievements from this category require clearing the fog of war from the world map
  • Player vs. Player - as the name implies, all achievements in this category are related to battles between players. It includes all kinds of PvP challenges from getting a rating in the arenas, to completing more complex group tasks in the battlegrounds. It's safe to say that these are some of the most difficult achievements in the game, because they require a high level of skill not only from the player, but also from the whole team. Of course, the difficulty will not be left without an appropriate return, it is the achievements in this category that offer many of the greatest rewards in the game
  • Dungeons & Raids - all possible tasks for groups from 5 to 40 players right here! To complete achievements from this category, not only the good skills of the player himself, but also his team are required, because you have to not only defeat bosses in raid and dungeon instances, but also perform various additional conditions or actions in the process. This category offers a variety of challenges ranging from easy to very difficult with amazing rewards
  • Professions - in addition to the basic skills in WoW, each character can become a master of selected crafts or gathering. Most of the achievements associated with WoW Professions are a boring and tedious routine of collecting thousands of resources or crafting the same type of goods
  • Reputations - a category that contains just a huge number of achievements related to the endless grind, but offers probably the largest and most diverse number of rewards, such as mounts, pets, toys, transmogs and a huge number of cool rewards from factional vendors from all over the world of Azeroth. For the most part, these are boring and tedious tasks that require you to spend hours of your life doing the same quests every day or destroying thousands of mobs
  • World Events - everything related to various in-game holidays is in this category. WoW has a large number of both in-game holidays and holidays taken from real life. If you open the game calendar, you can see that the whole year is just teeming with various events, but on these days many players cannot spend time in the game. There are achievements that require a whole year of real life to complete!
  • Pet Battles - is a game within a game. Get pets to fight other players, complete various conditions and get rewards. It sounds like fun and easy, but make no mistake, it's actually a nightmarish routine that can take hundreds of hours, from trying to find the right pet to completing raid pet instances
  • Collections - there are millions of rare items in WoW, such as mounts, pets, toys, cosmetics, and the like. As this category suggests, it contains achievements for expanding your collection of rare items. Here you can find both simple achievements and terribly complex, sometimes requiring years of play
  • Expansion Features - everything related to the unique features of various WoW expansions. Here you will find garrison farms from WoD, and warfare from BFA, and covenants from Shadowlands. Basically, all achievements in this category are limited in time and are associated with grinding or completing quests
  • Feats of Strength - the most of the most! Not only are these Achievements secret, but many of these Achievements are extremely difficult to earn, and some are no longer earned at all, only reserved for the most dedicated players. Unlike the other categories, you cannot view the list of Feats of Strength challenges. They do not provide achievement points, but they are still the most unique and rare achievements in the entire game, and offer truly commensurate rewards! Feats of Strength are always limited in time, after which they can never be obtained under any circumstances, and therefore the rewards for these achievements are extremely rare
  • Legacy - all that is left only in memory! Here are collected all kinds of achievements that, for one reason or another, can no longer be obtained, mainly due to changes in the game

Summing up, we can say that many types of achievements require either incredibly high skill in the game, or very long and tedious work, because they are called "Achievements" for a reason. With the achievement boost service, Smartboost can help you reach any goals you have set related to this game content

How many achievements are there in WoW?

  • There are 4,481 achievements in total in the game, but at the moment they are all obtained only by the creator of the game content

What are achievement points WoW?

  • Achievement points are a numerical value that is accumulated based on different types of achievements, their number is in fact your progress in completing game challenges

Why buy WoW Achievement boost?

  • Save time: Boosting services can help you obtain achievements in a shorter amount of time. No need to grind for hours or even days to obtain a single achievement.
  • Access to rare achievements: Some achievements are rare and hard to get. Boosting services can help you get those achievements that you might not have been able to obtain on your own.
  • Expert assistance: WoW Boosting services are run by experienced players who know the game inside and out. You will have access to expert assistance and guidance that can help you improve your gameplay.
  • Competitive edge: Obtaining achievements can give you a competitive edge in the game. Boosting services can help you get achievements that are required for certain titles or rewards.
  • Customizable services: WoW Boosting services can be tailored to your specific needs. You can choose the achievements you want to obtain and the level of service you need.
  • Safe and secure: Reputable boosting services use secure methods to ensure your account is protected. You can trust that your account will be safe and your personal information will be kept confidential.
  • Affordable: WoW Achievement boosting services are often more affordable than you might expect. Many offer competitive pricing and packages that fit a variety of budgets.
  • Convenient: WoW Achieve boosting services can be completed at your convenience. No need to worry about scheduling conflicts or finding a group to play with. You can get the achievements you want on your own time.

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