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WoW Legion Artifact Boosting Service

The WoW Legion Artifact Boost offers a pathway for champions of Azeroth to claim the might of legendary artifacts, weapons forged for the bravest heroes to stand against the Burning Legion and other formidable foes. These artifacts are not just tools of war but extensions of the heroes themselves, customizable in appearance, sound, and performance in the heat of battle. Tailor your artifact to become the ultimate weapon as you lead the charge in Azeroth's darkest moments.

Introduced in the Legion expansion, artifacts are unique, spec-specific weapons that once grew in power alongside players. Although their power waned following Legion's conclusion, they remain as prestigious additions to any player's transmog collection, offering extensive customization options, including various styles and color schemes.

With an artifact for each class specialization, totaling 36 unique weapons, acquiring them is no small feat. The journey to each artifact is laden with extensive questlines, a blend of PvE and PvP endeavors, puzzle-solving, and distinct challenges that set them apart. The pursuit of these artifacts can be an exhaustive grind, filled with tasks that may detract from the overall enjoyment of the game.

However, there's no need to undertake this arduous quest alone. Our Legion Artifact Appearances boost provides an easy solution, entrusting the acquisition of any artifact across all class specializations to our team of professional players. Save time and bypass the grind with our service, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite artifact appearances without the hassle. Let our pros help you collect these symbols of heroism and power, enhancing your WoW experience with every artifact unlocked.

WoW Artifact Appearances for Sale

With our Legion Artifact Appearances boost, the possibilities for acquiring cool artifact looks are endless. To give you a clearer idea, each artifact weapon features 6 distinct appearances: Classic, Upgraded, Valorous (also known as the Balance of Power appearance), War-Torn (the PvP Artifact appearance), Mage Tower, and the Hidden (or Secret) appearance. Moreover, each of these styles comes with 3 additional color tints for further customization.

Furthermore, every class specialization boasts its own legendary Artifact weapon, each with a story and significance that enhances its allure. For instance, Retribution Paladins can wield the storied Ashbringer, while Shamans can harness the power of the Doomhammer for transmogrification. Warlocks have the opportunity to possess the Scepter of Sargeras, a weapon of immense power and unique aesthetics. Shadow Priests daring enough to ignore the Old Gods’ whispers can claim Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire. Meanwhile, Feral/Guardian Druids don't just get unique weapons like the Fangs of Ashamane and Claws of Ursoc; they also receive special skins for their Cat/Bear forms. This is just a glimpse into the myriad of iconic and unique Legion Artifact Weapons available through our Legion Artifact Appearances boost.

Classic Artifact Skins

  • The Classic Artifact appearance becomes available upon completion of the introductory quest chain in the Legion expansion. It serves as the initial artifact weapon players receive as they delve into the Legion storyline. While unlocking the default Classic Legion Artifact Weapon skin for a specific class and specialization is straightforward, dedicating time to unlock the additional color tints for each can be quite time-consuming.

Upgraded Artifact Skins

  • The Upgraded Artifact appearance is obtained after completing the Class Hall campaign and engaging in Archaeology activities. This enhanced artifact look is unlocked once you've concluded the primary Class Hall storyline and secured the Forged for Battle achievement. Following this milestone, the quest to gather all the extra color tints commences!

Valorous Artifact Skins

  • The Valorous Artifact appearance, also recognized as the Balance of Power skin, is linked to an array of Legion PvE endeavors. To unlock the fundamental Valorous appearance, you are required to navigate through the extensive and demanding quest chain named Balance of Power, concluding with the acquisition of the Improving on History achievement. This process involves several weeks of participation in Legion raids. The initial achievement is challenging in itself, but further Legion PvE content must be tackled to unlock the additional color tints. Embarking on this journey to unveil the basic Balance of Power Legion Artifact Weapon skin demands a considerable investment of time.

War-Torn Artifact Skins

  • The War-Torn Legion Artifact Weapon skin is unlocked by advancing your Honor Level, with the basic skin becoming available at Honor Level 10, making it closely associated with PvP activities. For those who do not engage in PvP, acquiring this artifact skin and its additional color tints can prove to be a formidable challenge. If you find yourself struggling with farming Honor Levels, our Honor Level boost service is designed to help you reach your target level effortlessly, bypassing any difficulties along the way.

Hidden Artifact Skins

  • The Hidden Artifact appearances stand out as both intriguing and unique, yet they are even more challenging to acquire than others. Each Hidden appearance is unlocked through its own set of unique requirements, ranging from complex, lengthy quest chains to obscure world exploration and various other less engaging tasks. To assist you, we've crafted comprehensive guides for securing every Secret Artifact Weapon appearance, available on their dedicated pages on our website.

Mage Tower Artifact Skins

  • The Mage Tower Artifact appearance, also recognized as the Challenging skin, was originally granted for completing the Mage Tower challenge during the Legion expansion. Regrettably, this particular skin is no longer accessible in the game following the launch of the Battle for Azeroth expansion.
  • It's crucial to note that the base Mage Tower skin, tied to the Legion's original challenge, cannot be acquired anymore. However, if you already possess the basic artifact weapon appearance, we're eager to assist you in obtaining all the additional Challenging Artifact Weapon skin tints. To unlock these tints, engagement in various themed activities is required, including PvE, PvP, and more, which could significantly consume your free time.

Why Buy Legion Artifact Appearances Boost

After embarking on the Broken Shore journey, the opening questline of the Legion expansion, players were awarded an artifact specific to their class's current specialization. These artifacts embodied unprecedented power, essential for combating the Burning Legion's threat. Initially, players could enhance their artifact's strength through various activities within the Legion expansion. However, with the release of patch 8.0.1 for Battle for Azeroth (BfA), while artifacts remained usable as standard weapons, their unique powers and abilities were deactivated. Subsequently, patch 9.0.1 for Shadowlands introduced the flexibility to transmogrify any artifact appearance across any specialization, a departure from the previous restriction to only the player's current specialization.

Each artifact comes with 6 distinct styles, unlockable through diverse means, along with three additional color variations for each style. For Feral and Guardian Druids, altering their weapon's appearance also modifies their Cat or Bear form's appearance. Some appearances, like the Classic Legion Weapon Artifact's default skin, are straightforward to unlock by simply initiating quests within the Legion timeline through Chromie. However, acquiring the full range of Artifact skins and tints for each class and specialization is a formidable task, with certain Artifact types presenting even greater challenges. For instance, the quest chains for some Hidden Artifact Weapon Skins are so intricate and taxing that many players are unaware of their starting points.

Unlocking every Legion Artifact Weapon, for every class and specialization, is a rewarding endeavor but demands a substantial time investment, potentially spanning weeks to months. So, instead of enduring such an extensive grind, consider our Legion Artifact Appearances boost. Our service is designed to effortlessly secure any Legion Artifact Appearance you desire, saving you time and ensuring you enjoy the full breadth of what Legion Artifacts have to offer.


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