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Heritage Armor Set Unlock
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Buy the WoW Heritage Armor Boost to expand your transmog collection with new appearances!

The Heritage Armor set is a transmog piece of equipment unique to each Allied Race. All allied races and even some of the main races have these armor sets.

To get this beautiful set, you must not only open access to the new Allied Race, but also create a character of this race and manually level up it to level 50, so you will have to spend several days for your character to show off the new appearance.

Our WoW Heritage Set boost service will allow you to get everything at once and enjoy playing as a new race in a new set as soon as possible!

WoW Heritage Armor Set Unlock Includes:

Additional rewards or progress in:


  • Start time: ~15-30 minutes.
  • Lead time for one Armor set: ~24 hours.
  • Additional options may increase or decrease the lead time, but not the start time!


  • You may choose any desired number of Heritage Armor sets for any Allied Races.
  • Unlock Allied Race - we will unlock the desired race before we start unlocking the transmog.
  • Live Stream - we will provide a stream of the process upon request, subject to the technical feasibility of your driver.


  • Specific Allied Race Unlocked.

How Heritage Armor Set Unlock Works:

  • Our manager will сlarify all the details with you and pro-player will drive your character.
  • We will invite you to our private Discord conference. This will allow you to track the progress of the order and stay in touch with your personal booster.
  • You can always agree on an order fulfillment schedule in a chat conference with your driver.

Important Note About WoW Heritage Armor Unlock Service Features:

  • We can work on unlocking multiple set only in a row on one character.
  • To unlock the Heritage Armor transmog, you must manually level a new character, you cannot use WoW token boost.
  • Allied Races unlock is not included in the base Heritage Armor boost, but you can add it separately with an option.
  • You need to have Allied race unlocked to create a new character of this race.
  • You may use our WoW Allied Race Unlock discounted bundle to get access to create all races.
  • The stream will be provided if it does not interfere with the gameplay.
  • You can always ask the driver to log out of your account if you want to play by yourself, but remember this may increase lead time.

WoW Heritage Armor Guide and FAQ:

What is Heritage Armor in WoW?

  • The Heritage Armor set is a cosmetic armor set available for every Allied Race and multiple Main Races. Each set has a special unlock, and once received, it can be transmogrified by any character of that particular race.

How do you get Heritage Armor set WoW?

  • To get the Heritage Armor transmog set, you must level your Allied Race character to level 50 and complete the Heritage quest.

Can you unlock all Heritage Armor sets on one character in WoW?

  • No, in order to open each Heritage Armor Set, you need to create a character of this particular race.
  • Thus, in order to open all Heritage Armor Sets, you need ten different characters.

Who can wear Heritage Armor WoW?

  • Heritage Armor can only be worn by characters of the corresponding race.

Can any race use Heritage Armor WoW?

  • Once you unlock the Heritage Armor, this armor can be used on any character of that race on your account.
  • Other races cannot use this armor.

How do you equip Heritage Armor?

  • Upon completion of the corresponding Allied Race questline, the Heritage Armor set will automatically be added to your collection.

Can you buy Heritage Armor set WoW?

  • Yes, our WoW Heritage Armor boost service is the fastest and easiest way to unlock desired new look.
  • You can choose the Heritage Armor you like and buy it on Smartboost and our boosters will take all the necessary steps to unlock it by completing special quests and storylines.

How long does it take to unlock Heritage Armor set in WoW?

  • Considering time of character boost to max level, unlocking the Heritage transmog from scratch will take around 24-48 hours.

Are Heritage Armor sets account wide in WoW?

  • Yes. After unlocking the desired set, you can use them on any character of the same allied race on your account.

Can you unlock all allied races WoW?

  • Of course, but you need to complete certain storyline achievements to activate the questline to unlock each allied race.

Your safety comes first for the Smatboost team:

  • Privacy of customers is essential for our team, we never discuss the service you purchased or suggest additional services in the in-game chat.
  • It is better not to discuss the acquired Heritage Armor boost in the game chat with anyone, even with in-game friends.
  • Any questions related our services, you can always message manager on the site or discuss details in the discord conference with your booster.
  • Assigned drivers who fulfill your WoW Heritage Armor order always log into the game from the same location that you usually play from.
  • While Heritage Armor boost is running, our drivers always set invisible mode, which hides your online for your friends list.

Advantages in WoW Heritage Armor unlock on Smartboost:

  • Don't waste time routine grinding.
  • Fast level up your character.
  • Great new appearances in no time.
  • Access to everything new without worries.
  • Saving your free and game time.
  • Getting cool loot and rewards.
  • Customer focused boosting teams.
  • 24/7 customer care service.

How to Buy Heritage Armor Set in Dragonflight:

  • Select the number of Heritage Sets using the quantity modifier.
  • Add Allied race unlock if you don't have the desired race unlocked.
  • Add service to your shopping cart and complete the payment.
  • Our manager will contact you to confirm delivery details.
  • Assign a booster to fulfill your order.
  • Get the order done!

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