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Buy WoW 3v3 Arena in Self Play mode to get the high PvP rating and equip your character with the best PvP gear and get top PvP ranks and titles, as well as relevant awards and bonuses!

If you want to improve your arena rating by participating in battles on your own then our WoW Arena 3v3 carry is the perfect way for you to make your road to glory and try to achive desired results with pro PvP team. Experience the thrill of battling alongside the best PvP players in the World of Warcraft with our 3v3 Self-Play Arena boost. Not only will you have the chance to learn valuable tips and strategies from these experts, but you also have the flexibility to schedule the sessions at your convenience. You don't need to spend every waking moment in front of your monitor as we can divide the order into several sessions based on your preferences. Choose the schedule that works best for you and let us help you improve your PvP skills.

Don't miss out on the chance to improve your PvP game - let our pros take care of it for you.

WoW Self-Play 3v3 Arena Boost Includes:

  • Desired 3v3 Arena Rating.
  • Game with Gladiators or R1 players of previous or current season.
  • A well-chosen setup for your class.
  • Voice or chat communication.

Additional rewards or progress in:

  • A chance to get BIS PvP gear and pieces of tier sets.
  • PvP achievements and transmogs.
  • Honor Levels - which give access to unique rewards and titles.
  • PvP Weekly cap on Conquest points.
  • Seasonal mount and Vicious Saddle - a token for 240 wins in 2v2 or 80 wins 3v3 arena with 1400+ rating that can be exchanged from a vendor for different mounts.


  • Start time: ~1-2 days.
  • Lead time: depend on selected rating gap.


  • Honor Gear - Full Honor set with 476+ PvP iLvl .
  • Conquest Gear - Full Conquest set with 489 PvP iLvl.


  • 70 level character on Dragonflight account.
  • Honor Gear 476+ PvP iLvl + 2 PvP trinkets.
  • Follow the directions of our boosters.
  • You don't have to stay afk.
  • You have to Play on the arena.

How Arena 3v3 Self Play Boost Works:

  • This offer is provided by Self Play boost method only (Click HERE if you interested in Piloted 3v3 Arena boost).
  • By Self Play boost method you will receive an invitation to the group at the appointed time and start the registration arena with our team.
  • We will invite you to our private Discord conference. This will allow you to track the progress of the order and stay in touch with your personal booster.
  • Communication can take place in the game or discord chat and in the discord voice channel.

Important Note About Self Play Arena 3v3 Boost:

  • Fully guaranteed service is provided by Piloted boost method only.
  • The service by Self play will be split into checkpoints at 1400, 1600, 1800, 2100 and 2400 rating. It's unlikely, but if for some reason your service isn't completed, you'll get a refund only for the uncompleted part of your order.
  • Rating above 1800 by Self Play method is provided only by hourly games without a guaranteed delivery time.
  • Since PvP services prove much more challenging than PvE activities, there are requirements we set for our clients to assure successful completion. We shall provide you with the extremely experienced booster who's main Rank will be around 2400+ and his experience is relevant for the current season, but nevertheless, sometimes it's literally impossible to carry 2 vs 3 against able opponents. Given this background, we set limitations for undergeared or inexperienced PvP clients.
  • Those limits are:
    - for 0-1800 - 7 hours of coaching;
    - for 1600-1800 - 4 hours of coaching.
  • PvP game content has received more attention from developers and other players, and although we do our best to protect your account, but there is still a risk and you take all the risk for your account on yourself.

WoW 3v3 Arena Guide and FAQ:

If you're looking for the most challenging and competitive PvP content in WoW, look no further than 3v3 arena. The best PvP rewards can only be obtained by winning matches in this arena. However, winning at high rating requires efficient teamwork and coordination, which is difficult to achieve with a team of random players from LFG. This is why our multi-gladiators offer 3v3 arena boost, providing a stress-free and comfortable environment to increase your rating.

With our 3v3 arena carry, you not only have the opportunity to reach any desired rating and unlock the most powerful rewards, but also learn valuable tips and tricks from R1 players. If you choose the self-play option, these players will guide you through the ruthless world of 3v3 arena, improving your skills along the way.

What rating do you start arena on in WoW?

  • Improve your WoW PvP experience with our 3v3 Arena Boost in Dragonflight starting from zero arena rating. Our Arena 3v3 Carry service enables you to reach a rating of 1800 by self-play, or even higher depending on your skills. Our experienced players can provide carry up to 2100 rating, and for those looking to obtain the prestigious Gladiator title, we offer carry up to 2400 rating. 

What rewards can I get from Arena 3v3 in Dragonflight Season 3?

What is the highest rating on Arena 3v3 in WoW?

  • There is no cap for Arena rating in WoW, allowing the best PvP players to achieve ratings above 3300 each season. In fact, the highest rating ever achieved in the game was 3655 points.

What does rank 1 mean in WoW PvP?

  • Rank 1 is a prestigious title in World of Warcraft that is awarded to players who finish a PvP season in the top 0.1% of 3v3 Arena players. This typically requires a rating of over 3000.

What is CR in WoW PvP 3v3 Arena?

  • CR stands for current rating and it represents the rating you currently have in a particular PvP bracket. This is different from your highest rating, which is the highest rating you have achieved in that PvP bracket during the current season. For example, if your current rating is 1300, it means that your team's current rating is at that level.

What is MMR in WoW Arena 3v3?

  • MMR is a crucial element in PvP matchmaking as it is a player's individualized rating that helps match them with opponents of comparable skills. It is a hidden value calculated based on a player's PvP performance and is used to ensure a fair and challenging gaming experience.

What ranks there are in 3v3 Arena in WoW?

  • Combatant: 1400 - 1599 rating.
  • Challenger: 1600 - 1799 rating.
  • Rival: 1800 - 2099 rating.
  • Duelist: 2100 - 2399 rating.
  • Gladiator: 2400+ rating.

What rating do I need to get Gladiator title in WoW?

  • To achieve the Gladiator title in WoW, players must obtain a rating of 2400 or higher in 3v3 Arena and win at least 50 games above this rating.

How hard is it to get 1800 arena rating Dragonflight Season 3?

  • In order to achieve 1800 Arena rating in the 3s bracket, you would need to maintain a minimum win rate of 55%. This means that even if you spend the maximum amount of time possible, you will still need to win most of your matches.

Is it hard to get Gladiator in WoW Dragonflight S3?

  • Achieving the Gladiator title in WoW is considered one of the most difficult PvP accomplishments, as only about 1-2% of the player base can achieve it. To earn this title, players must exclusively play 3v3 Arena matches and achieve a rating of 2400 or higher. Additionally, they must win 50 games without losing any rating. This requires a high level of skill and dedication, as players must compete at the top of the leaderboard to earn this prestigious title.

How much rating do you get per one win on Arena 3v3?

  • The amount of rating you gain or lose for a win or loss in Arena depends on your current rating and the difference between your personal MMR and your opponent's MMR. Therefore, the rating gained or lost for each match is specific to that particular match and cannot be calculated beforehand.

Where can I check my PvP rating in Dragonflight Season 3?

  • PvP tab is located at the bottom in dungeon finder tool. There you can see on the left there are multiple tabs and there is a rated pvp tab

What achievements can you get for the 3x3 arena rating in DF Season 3?

Why buy Self-Play 3v3 Arena Rating boost in Dragonflight Season 3?

  • Self-Play 3v3 Arena Rating boost is a great way to increase your PvP skills and boost your Arena rating. One of the main benefits of Self-Play is that you get to play with experienced players who can help you improve your gameplay and provide you with valuable tips and tricks. This can greatly benefit your performance in future matches.
  • Another benefit of Self-Play 3v3 Arena Rating boost is that you have full control over your character during the boost. You don't have to worry about account sharing or compromising your account security. With Self-Play, you get to experience the excitement of competing in high-level Arena matches while maintaining full control over your account.
  • Additionally, Self-Play 3v3 Arena Rating boost allows you to customize your boost to fit your schedule and playstyle. You can choose the specific times and days that work best for you and play with players who share your playstyle and preferences. This flexibility ensures that you get the most out of your boost and achieve your PvP goals in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible.
  • Overall, Self-Play 3v3 Arena Rating boost is a great way to improve your PvP skills, boost your Arena rating, and have fun while doing it. With experienced players, full account control, and customizable scheduling, Self-Play is the perfect solution for anyone looking to take their PvP gameplay to the next level.

Rating above 1800:

  • The service is provided only by hourly games without a guaranteed delivery time.
  • Conquest Gear 489 PvP iLvl with at least 25% versatility.

Terms of provision of servise:

Arena 3v3 rating boost services provided by the self-play method for the rating above 1800 consist of the limited time of coaching given below:

  • 1800-2100 ~5 hours of coaching.
  • 1900-2100 ~4 hours of coaching.
  • 2000-2100 ~3 hours of coaching.

Your safety comes first for the Smatboost team:

  • The privacy of our customers is of utmost importance to us. We guarantee that we will never discuss the services you purchased or promote any additional services in the in-game chat.
  • We advise you to refrain from discussing any boost you have acquired in the game chat, even with your in-game friends.
  • If you have any questions related to our services, our team is always available to assist you.
  • You can reach out to our manager on the site or join the discord conference to discuss the details with your booster.
  • Rest assured that all discussions and interactions will be kept confidential to maintain your privacy.

Advantages in Arena 3v3 carry on Smartboost:

  • Improve your PvP skills and rating with our expert boosting services.
  • Learn essential tactics, tips, and tricks from extra skilled players to take your game to the next level.
  • Our boosting teams are customer-focused and dedicated to helping you succeed in PvP, while also providing access to the latest updates and rewards without any worries.
  • Save your valuable free and game time by letting us handle the process for you.
  • Our 24/7 customer care service is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Start your journey to PvP greatness today!

How to Buy 3s Arena Rating:

  • Select your current and desired rating in the slider.
  • Add service to your shopping cart and complete the payment.
  • Our manager will contact you to confirm delivery details.
  • Assign a booster to fulfill your order.
  • Get the order done!

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