Tazavesh Gearglider Mount

Tazavesh Gearglider Mount
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Tazavesh, the Hidden Market, is a mega dungeon that was added to Shadowlands with the Chains of Domination patch. There are 8 bosses in the dungeon where you can receive unique and interesting items that you can't find anywhere else.

In a team with experienced players from Smartboost, even such a difficult challenge as hard-mode will be fun and easy, and as a reward you will receive great mount Tazavesh Gearglider and Fake It 'Til You Make It achievement. And also you will have a chance to get a very rare mount Cartel Master's Gearglider.

Our professional team is always ready to provide you in-game services of any complexity. Get priceless experience with comfort and fun!

WoW Tazavesh Gearglider Boost Includes:


  • Start time: ~15-30 minutes.
  • Lead time: ~30-40 minutes.
  • Additional options may increase the lead time, but not the start time!


  • Add loot-traders for an increased chance to get specific items for your class - we'll setup team with the chosen number of players with the same type of armor as you.


  • 60 lvl character.
  • Access to the dungeon Tazavesh, the Veiled Market.

How Tazavesh Gearglider Boost Works:

  • By Self Play boost method you will receive an invitation to the group at the appointed time and summon to dungeon.
  • You may stay afk during the fight, but be sure that you are near every boss at the time of his death, otherwise you will not be able to get loot from it.
  • By Piloted boost method our manager will сlarify all the details with you and pro-player will drive your character.
  • We will invite you to our private Discord conference. This will allow you to track the progress of the order and stay in touch with your personal booster.

Important Note About Tazavesh Gearglider Boost Features:

  • You can get loot from the Tazavesh hard-mode dungeon only once per week, other runs will not award loot.
  • You can still receive loot from hard-mode if you've already done this dungeon using keystone.
  • Unique items such as mounts with a low drop chance are not included in the mandatory loot trade system, even if you bought traders, however, if it dropped, we can offer you to buy them at a very favorable price.

WoW Tazavesh Gearglider Guide and FAQ:

Important note for WoW loot system:

  • Please keep in mind that the current loot distribution system in the game does not provide any guarantees that you will receive any loot.
  • The game loot system does not allow us to trade all items. The trade of some items may be restricted by game mechanics.

Advantages in Tazavesh Boost on Smartboost:

  • An enjoyable run with extra skilled players.
  • Passage of content in a comfortable environment.
  • Improve your character without worries.
  • Saving your free and game time.
  • Getting fun and cool rewards.
  • Customer focused boosting teams.
  • 24/7 customer care service.

How to complete Tazavesh hard-mode challenge:

  • Add loot-traders to inscrease chance to get loot.
  • Add service to your shopping cart and complete the payment.
  • Our manager will contact you to confirm delivery details.
  • Assign a booster to fulfill your order.
  • Get the order done!

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