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WoW Honor Points Farming

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Buy Honor points boost to get any desired amount of currency used to purchase 476 iLvl PvP gear, includes trinkets, all gear slots, necklaces, rings, and weapons.

Each item has an initial Honor cost and requires more and more Honor to upgrade. When you participate in PvP content, you earn Honor points, which allow you to increase your Honor Level up to 500 and earn rewards, including Prestige. Prestige occurs at certain Honor Level increments and grants you an icon on your unit frame when War Mode is toggled on. You need 8.800 Honor Points to up every Honor Level. Reaching a certain Honor level will reward you with toys, pets, mounts, and titles.

Buy Honor Points boost to skip boring PvP grind and enjoy your great PvP gear for starting PvP ladder as soon as possible.  

WoW Honor Points Farm Includes:

Additional rewards or progress in:

  • Honor Levels to get unique toys, pets, mounts, achievements and titles.
  • Observing Battle quest.
  • Conquest points that used to buy PvP equipment.


  • Start time: ~1-2 hours.
  • Lead time: ~1000 Honor Points per 1 hour.


  • 70 lvl character on Dragonflight account.

How Honor Points Farm Works:

  • Our manager will сlarify all the details with you and pro-player will drive your character.
  • We will invite you to our private Discord conference. This will allow you to track the progress of the order and stay in touch with your personal booster.
  • You can always agree on an order fulfillment schedule in a chat conference with your driver.

Important Note About Honor Points Farm Features:

  • We don't give any guarantees on the rating safe or boost in this offer.
  • PvP game content has received more attention from developers and other players, and although we do our best to protect your account, but there is still a risk and you take all the risk for your account on yourself.

WoW Honor Points Farming Guide and FAQ:

WoW Honor Points farm service is a service that allows players to farm Honor Points in World of Warcraft. These points are used to purchase items, such as gear and weapons, from the Honor vendor. The service is designed to save players time and effort by allowing them to focus on other aspects of the game while a team of professional players farm Honor Points on their behalf.

Overall, WoW Honor Points farm service is an efficient and convenient way for players to acquire the gear and weapons they need to advance in the game.

What is WoW Honor farming boost service?

  • Our WoW Honor Points farm service is designed to help players quickly and efficiently earn Honor Points in World of Warcraft. With our service, players can easily acquire the necessary amount of Honor Points for their desired in-game items and rewards.
  • Our team of experienced players will work to complete various in-game activities such as participating in battlegrounds and completing world quests that grant Honor Points. We also offer a variety of options for players to choose from, including solo or group play, and different regions and difficulty levels.
  • Our service is safe and secure, ensuring that all players' accounts are protected while participating in our farm. We also offer fast and reliable delivery, ensuring that players receive their desired amount of Honor Points quickly and efficiently.
  • Whether you're a casual player looking to earn some extra in-game currency or a hardcore player trying to unlock the latest gear, our WoW Honor Points farm service has you covered. With our professional and experienced team, you can rest assured that you will receive the best service possible.

How do you farm Honor in WoW?

  • We offer Honor Points farming for your character through completing various PvP activities.
  • Please note that there is a cap of 15,000 unspent Honor Points that a character can have at any given time.
  • If you wish to farm more than 15,000 Honor, we will pause the farming process upon reaching the maximum cap and allow you to spend the points before continuing.
  • This ensures that you can make the most of your Honor Points without losing any earned through our services.

Why buy WoW Honor boost service?

  • Increased Honor Point gain, allowing players to acquire gear and weapons faster.
  • More time to focus on other aspects of the game, such as raiding or PvP.
  • Professional players with years of experience farming Honor Points.
  • Affordable prices to fit any budget.

Honor rewards:

Your safety comes first for the Smatboost team:

  • To ensure our customers' privacy, our team strictly prohibits discussing the service you purchased or offering additional services in the in-game chat.
  • We strongly advise against discussing the boost with anyone, including in-game friends. If you have any questions regarding our services, you can always message the manager on the site or discuss the details with your booster on Discord.
  • Additionally, our drivers will log into the game from the same location as you and will set their status to invisible mode while the Honor boost is in progress, ensuring that your online status remains hidden from your friends list.

Advantages in Honor carry on Smartboost:

  • Access the latest PvP gear and content with ease, without any worries.
  • Save valuable time by skipping the tedious gear farming process.
  • Receive unique and coveted PvP rewards to show off to your friends and competitors.
  • Our customer-focused boosting teams are dedicated to providing the best possible service for you.
  • Enjoy round-the-clock customer care service, with any questions or concerns addressed promptly.

How to Buy Honor:

  • Select desired amount of Honor points.
  • Use quantitative modifier for precise selection.
  • Add service to your shopping cart and complete the payment.
  • Our manager will contact you to confirm delivery details.
  • Assign a booster to fulfill your order.
  • Get the order done!

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