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SoD Ashenvale Event
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Buy Season of Discovery Ashenvale Event boost and immerse yourself in the exclusive PvP event, where you'll take down formidable world bosses, amass valuable Honor points, and solidify your reputation with the Warsong Gulch faction. Elevate your status as one of the most formidable PvP players on the battleground and secure PvP-exclusive rewards through the SoD Ashenvale Event boost.

WoW SoD Ashenvale Event Boost Includes:


  • Start time: ~1 day.
  • Lead time: ~1-2 days.

Additional options:

  • Exalted WSG Reputation - we will reach exalted reputation level with Warsong Gulch PvP faction for your side.
  • Live Stream - we will provide a stream of the process upon request, subject to the technical feasibility of your driver.


  • Max level character on Season of Discovery realm.
  • Active WoW subscription.

How WoW SoD Shadowfang Keep Boost Works:

  • By Piloted boost method our manager will сlarify all the details with you and pro-player will drive your character.
  • We will invite you to our private Discord conference. This will allow you to track the progress of the order and stay in touch with your personal booster.

WoW Season of Discovery Ashenvale PvP Event Boosting

Our Season of Discovery Ashenvale Carry Service offers swift support, specifically designed to help players attain their desired ranking during a zone-specific PvP event in Ashenvale. The Season of Discovery Ashenvale Boosting Event provides significant rewards, including PvP gear, a world buff, and an exclusive mount that won't be available in Phase 2.

Choosing the Season of Discovery Ashenvale Boost is especially advantageous for beginners looking to delve into elite PvP and earn prestigious rewards unique to the Season of Discovery, such as a special mount and a valuable trinket.

Rewards of SoD Ashenvale Event Carry

The Ashenvale PvP event in Season of Discovery is activated by PvP kills within the zone. Once it starts, as indicated by a zone-wide notification, each faction's leader appears: Felore Moonray for the Alliance and Kazragore for the Horde. This event is reminiscent of Alterac Valley with smaller camps and outposts throughout the zone, guarded by faction-specific lieutenants:

Clearing these camps and defeating the lieutenants weakens the opposing faction's leader. The event ends when Felore Moonray or Kazragore is defeated.

This World PvP event in Ashenvale is a dynamic way to foster player engagement and community in Season of Discovery. It offers rewards, honor, and reputation, providing level 25 players a chance to acquire quality gear outside of raiding Blackfathom Deeps before the increase to level 40 in Phase 2. With our Season of Discovery Ashenvale PvP Event Boost, secure all rewards before the end of SoD Phase 1!

Participation in the event grants Honor Points and reputation with the Warsong Gulch factions: Silverwing Sentinels for the Alliance and Warsong Outriders for the Horde. New BiS PvP gear like the Resilient Cloth Headband, Leather Mask, and Mail Coif are obtainable from each faction's quartermaster, contributing to a level 25 BiS item set. Unique mounts such as the Alliance's Trainee's Sentinel Nightsaber and the Horde's Trainee's Outrider Wolf, featuring classic Vanilla models, are available for purchase. These 50% speed, level 25 mounts, exclusive to Ashenvale, will not be obtainable in Phase 2.

Winning the SoD Ashenvale PvP Event rewards the Ashenvale Rallying Cry, an item granting a World Buff that boosts all damage and healing by 5% for 2 hours. This buff can be reserved for strategic use, such as in a raid.

How to Buy SoD Ashenvale Event Boost

Securing our boosting service is straightforward, customer-friendly, and ensures you receive a highly-geared team in the shortest possible time at an excellent price. Here's a step-by-step guide on the entire boosting process:

  • Select your desired service and any additional options.
  • Complete the payment at checkout and provide all required information.
  • Our managers will get in touch with you within 4-7 minutes post-purchase.
  • The boost will commence at the agreed-upon time.
  • We'll fulfill all requirements and gear up by running through Ashenvale.
  • Enjoy your newly enhanced class, fully prepped for the new patch!

If you have any questions before buying the Ashenvale PvP Event completion, don't hesitate to contact our online support managers via live chat or Discord. We operate 24/7 and are always ready to assist with any challenges or to offer customized services upon request.


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