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Mounts are what millions of WoW players hunt for. This is a type of in-game vehicle that players ride, such as various animals, cars, robots, and even magical items. There is an incredible variety of mounts in the game and each player will find his most favorite mount, on which he will ride with pride.

Of course, who will walk when you can ride a cool mount and move at high speed and even fly! Over the long years of the existence of the WoW game, just a huge number of mounts have been added to it, some of them are very rare with a drop rate of less than 1%, and some are no longer obtainable in the game, but each WoW expansion has its own unique set of mounts, including including those that will become unavailable in the future!

Months or even years can go by in the agonizing effort to farm the mount you like, especially if you need a specific and scarce mount. Smartboost will help you complete your collection with the coolest wow mounts, and even those that less than 1% of the players have

How do you get mounts in WoW?

  • There are many ways to get mounts, for example, the first mount is available early in character leveling, mostly class mounts that you can buy with gold from merchants of your race. But most mounts are obtained by farming various reputations, completing quests and achievements, and the rarest loot from bosses with a very small drop chance.

When can you use mounts in WoW?

  • There are no requirements to purchase a mount from the auction, however most of them have a minimum character level requirement in order to be learned. So for example you have to be level 40 to ride the blue mount, or you have to be level 60 to ride the epic mount.

How many mounts are in WoW?

  • There are currently 839 total mounts in the game, excluding retired and unobtainable mounts.

What is the rarest WoW mount?

With more expansions, more and more mounts are being added, but some older mounts are no longer available. We have put together a list of the rarest mounts according to the players, some of them are so unique that even now they are almost impossible to obtain:

  • Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider - is the rarest of the rare! Narshe-Frostmane is the only player to have ever owned this mount. Back in the distant vanilla World of Warcraft, this player accidentally deleted his mount and submitted a ticket to gamemasters for restoration, but he was mistakenly given this recolor. The fluorescent green color of this Gnome racial mount should never have existed in the game, but Blizzard let him keep it. Unfortunately, during Patch 6.2 this mount was removed from his collection, rumored to be due to him trying to sell his account. So at the moment, he rightfully deserves the title of the rarest mount in the game!
  • Arctic Wolf - This mount is no longer obtainable in the game, but back in vanilla World of Warcraft, the Arctic Wolf, like the White Stallion and Black Nightsaber, was one of the first level 60 epic mounts. Presumably this is a version of the riding wolves, so rare because orcs were less popular at the time than humans and night elves.
  • Black Nightsaber - like the previous mount, this one is no longer available in the game. It was an epic level 60 mount available to Night Elves in pre-Patch 1.4, at the time its counterpart was Ancient Frostsaber - an all white tiger without armor. It is very rare to see a player riding this mount, however, if you still want to admire them live, then Night Elf NPC guards in Darnassus proudly ride these beauties around the city. If you want a black tiger, then the Swift Zulian Panther has an almost identical appearance with two small differences: the absence of purple feathers under the saddle and the armor chain.
  • White Stallion - Back in 2004, when World of Warcraft first launched, there were no epic racial mounts. mounts with 100% speed differed from 60% speed only in color. In patch 1.4, armored versions of the mounts of these mounts appeared and all players were allowed to exchange their unarmored mounts for an updated version. As a result, it turned out that the very old mounts that most of the players got rid of became one of the rarest mounts in the game.
  • Swift Zhevra - was one of the rewards for the "Recruit A Friend" promotion, but after the introduction of new rewards, this mount can no longer be obtained. What is curious, even though a large number of people participated in the promotion, but most of them chose other awards, such as X-53 Touring Rocket and Obsidian Nightwing.
  • Crusader's White Warhorse - this is a reward for the hard achievement A Tribute to Immortality, which was available in the actual content of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Players were required to complete the Trial of the Grand Crusader in 25 minutes without player deaths and 50 attempts remaining. Although ToGC is not considered the hardest raid in the WotLK expansion, completing this achievement has proven to be overwhelming for most players.
  • Black Qiraji Battle Tank - this mount is not only rare, but also legendary, because in order to get it there was only one chance on each server in the entire history of the game. In addition, in order to be able to get it, the players of the entire server had to complete a complex and long chain of quests. No wonder this mount is rare.
  • Swift Shorestrider - - according to wowhead, only 1% of profiles own this blue bird. Its rarity is due to the fact that it is a reward in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. The Wasteland Tallstrider card containing the code can be found in the Throne of the Tides expansion pack and this card is found in about 1/484 packs.
  • White Riding Camel - this camel belongs to only 1% of the players. It appeared in Patch 4.3 as a potential reward for the Tomb of the Forgotten expansion. This model is not unique, as there are other camels that can be obtained in the game. And also if you have enough gold, then you can buy it at the auction.
  • Corrupted Hippogryph - this mount was originally added in patch 4.3.0 as part of the "Crown of the Heavens" TCG expansion. Its uniqueness is that it is one of the few mounts that exist without a saddle.
  • Amani Dragonhawk - was introduced in the TCG's "Twilight of the Dragons" expansion pack during Patch 4.1.0. This is a beautiful mount with a rather unusual paint job, perfect for blood elves in appearance.
  • Savage Raptor - the number of players who actually own this mount is no more than 2%. It is a rare card from the "War of the Elements" pack, and as well as all TCG mounts. Reins of the Red Primal Raptor, looks almost the same, and is available in the game without any problems.
  • Crusader's Black Warhorse - this wonderful mount belongs to about 0.1% of the players and is unfortunately no longer available. This was once a Horde reward for A Tribute to Immortality, which was removed in patch 4.0.3.
  • Feldrake - this mount is very rare, because less than 2% own it, of course, because it is a reward for the Trading Card Game. This card could be found in the "Timewalkers: War of the Ancients". This mount has a completely unique look with green steam around the claws and the Burning Legion insignia above its head, pairing perfectly with warlocks or demon hunters.

Can you buy a Brutosaur in WoW?

  • Mighty Caravan Brutosaur - It can rightfully be called one of the most sought after and rare vehicles in the game, because it is the only mount in the game that the mobile auction house provides you with! In the BFA expansion, this mount was added from a reputable vendor and cost 5,000,000 gold, however, after the completion of the expansion, it became available exclusively on the Black Market and, of course, at a maximum rate of 10,000,000 gold! However, in all the time since the end of BFA, the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur has appeared on BMAH only twice in the US region and now, there are rumors that he was removed from the game altogether, because no one has seen him on Black Market AH for more than a year.

Can you buy mounts in the auction house in WoW?

  • In WoW, there are mounts that are obtained from NPCs or crafted, which can be transferred, like any other BoE items. Such mounts can be purchased at the auction house, but the prices can be so high that not every player can afford it.

Can you buy mounts in WoW?

Our WoW Mounts Boost services allow you to purchase almost all available mounts in the game, such as:

Why buy WoW mount boost?

There are several reasons why we can say that mounts are a very important part of the game:

  • For starters, this is a means of faster movement around the WoW world.
  • Owning certain mounts shows your high success in completing WoW content, and some of them show your super skill in the game.
  • The mount can emphasize the unique look of your character.
  • The hobby of collecting is not so useless, because the game rewards you with mount-related achievements.
  • Some mounts look so cool and unique that they impress even the pickiest players.

Most players know what collectible mounts exist, and, of course, want to get them, but, for various reasons, do not have such an opportunity. For the most part, players will encounter the same problems on the way to getting the coveted mount:

  • Rare mounts are notorious for their low drop rates of 0.1% to 2%, a good example would be the X-45 Heartbreaker mount which has a mere 0.03% drop rate and some players have been trying to get it for years!
  • A lot of time must be spent waiting. There are some rare NPCs that can spawn up to a day.
  • Due to the fact that many mounts have a very low chance of dropping, Luck is often an important criterion, and even endless farming will not help if you are just unlucky.
  • Some players simply do not have enough time to increase their chances of getting the rarest mounts.
  • Some mounts are obtained only in the current high level content, which is not at all easy for many players, because this is content that, in addition to requiring the maximum return from you in the game, also cannot be passed without a team of experienced players.

As you can see, there are so many barriers to getting the desired mount that these problems can affect a huge number of players, it is this inaccessibility that raises the value of mounts in the game. It's so nice to own something that's so hard to get!

Whether your goal is to get a rare mount like the Swift Zulian Tiger, or the secret Lucid Nightmare mount, or you want to expand your collection with a mount for the most prestigious PvP Gladiator title, the Smartboost team can make your dreams come true!


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